Emile Akonkwa
the hague

Need smartphones to donate in our digital training project

I am Mr Akonkwa and my organisation is Akonkwa WebAgency, with kvk nummer 77028406. We offer website design, webhosting and digital training. Our website is During the corona virus pandemic, most of our activities have to be done online, unfortunately there are people who are not able to follow the flow. That’s why my organization made a digital training project to empower people with knowledge to help them be independent in their online business. During the project we will train people on how to use (to join and to host) online meeting platform such as zoom, skype and google meet. We will also train people how to make live video stream on facebook and youtube. Beside this, there are also people who have income just enough for their basic needs such as food, housing and health care, so they cannot provide a smartphone for themselves, either for their family members. In the training we will only donate smartphones to those who really need it. That is why we sent you the request